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Design and Development of Robot Gripper: Shape Memory Alloy Approach
Ms. Chavan Madhura, Narendra Naukudkar, S. B. Kumbhar, , Vilas Nandedkar
Published in
Volume: 10.0
Issue: 3.0
In this paper, Design and Development of Robotic Gripper actuated by Shape Memory Alloy [SMA] is presented. The purpose is to research on the Shape Memory Alloy Characteristics and applying the concepts in the field of Robotics for applications. NiTi wires are experimentally investigated to evaluate the effect of loading history on the transformation start conditions of the shape memory alloys. Actuation mechanism is designed using a combination of torsion spring and Shape Memory Alloy spring. SMA wires of various diameters are trained to characterise like spring and are tested for expansion and compression time responses with optimum current for actuation. Experimental results show that the grippers are able to track the position rapidly and precisely.
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JournalIndustrial Engineering Journal
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