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Design and development of solid axle system for FS car
Anup Nimbalkar, Pranav Phatak, Abhishek Rayrikar, Raj Desai,
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 4.0
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 12.0 - 15.0
Earlier, FS cars used to have independent suspension system which involved chassis and differential system. Our solid axle system provides a dependent suspension system consisting of less number of moving components and reduced weight of the system. This is achieved by designing a single component capable of performing all the operations that a chassis and differential system can perform. The design is further simplified by removing constant velocity joints and tripod assemblies. This component results in an increase in reliability, effectiveness as well as efficiency and further reduces cost of the system.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM)
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