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Design and Simulation of 3Degree of Freedom (DOF) Motion Platform
, , Rohit Magar, Sandeep Mistari, Renuka Patel, Abhishek Lokhande,
Published in INPRESSCO
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 38.0 - 44.0
The successful development of a three degree of freedom motion simulation platform, capable of simulating a cardriving on road, is prepared. The motion simulation platform was developed to practically simulate and test anunmanned road vehicle’s capability of driving on a road, before practically being demonstrated on an actual. Allaspects of the motion simulation platform’s development are considered, from the conceptual design to its practicalimplementation. The mechanical design and construction of a motion simulation platform, as well as the electronicsand software to enable the operation of this motion simulation platform, are presented. Mathematical models of theprocess and platform orientation are developed. A controller architecture capable of regulating the process, resultedin the successful control of the motion simulation platform. Practical motion simulation results of Intelligent MotionTechnology Pvt. Ltd, demonstrate the motion simulation platform’s success. The successful development of the motion simulation platform can largely be attributed to extensive research, planning and evaluation of the differentdevelopment phases.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, InPressco
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