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Design and Testing of a Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger for Textile Industry
, Sufiyan Memon, Shripad Kulkarni
Published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
Volume: 10.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 149.0 - 157.0
A heat exchanger is a system designed to transfer heat between two fluids to control the temperature of one of the fluids. In textile industries, heat exchangers are used to reduce the temperature of the dye liquor to be discharged. To meet this requirement, plate type and shell and tube type of heat exchangers are used. The problem with these heat exchangers is clogging, space requirement and cost. The most feasible solution to these problems is offered by spiral plate heat exchanger. Process industries have many applications where heat transfer across the multiple streams and fluids takes place, thus most effective heat exchanger is the need and making it affordable to the end user is still very important. A test rig is modified in order to carry out performance evaluation of spiral plate heat exchanger. The effect of various parameters like mass flow rate of hot fluid, mass flow rate of cold fluid, inlet temperature of hot fluid and outlet temperature of hot fluid on overall heat transfer coefficient of spiral plate heat exchanger is studied. The Spiral Plate Heat exchanger is designed and fabricated as per the design specifications. Hydro testing is done after the completion of fabrication to check if there are some leakages. The performance testing of the spiral plate heat exchanger is done, based on the testing results obtained experimental validation is carried out to check the accuracy of the experimentation. Various graphs are plotted and their trends are studied. The Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger proves to be good alternative due to higher values of overall heat transfer coefficient and self-cleaning properties
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JournalInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
PublisherInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
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