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Design, Development and Analysis of Schatz Mechanism with 3-D Motion Mixer

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Issue: 2
Pages: 4090 - 4094

Mixing of two or more materials (i.e. heavy density metal powder in the fluid) is very difficult. In conventional method of mixing the metal powder and fluid mixing is carried out on unidirectional stirring machine. This paper investigates the limitations of the conventional mixer. The stirrer of conventional mixer rotates in one direction only which create a particular flow pattern in the fluid hence particles tend to stick to the wall of container due to centrifugal force. Most of the materials are settle down below the container due to high density. In conventional mixer, the other main issue is the vibrations, thrust and bending forces that create noise and high maintenance of machine. The research work is based on the Schatz geometry shaker mixer which is used for a homogeneous mixing of powdery substances with differing specific weights and particle sizes. The product is mixed in its own closed container. The mixing container is set into a three dimensional movement that use of rotation, translation and inversion according to the Schatz geometric theory. It is design, development, and analysis of driving system of Schatz mechanism with 3D-motion mixer to produce desired motion pattern, increase mixing rate and quality.

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JournalInternational Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)
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