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Design of Infrastructure for Precision Agriculture to Empower Farmers
Patokar A.M.,
Published in Acta Scientific Publications
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 12.0
Pages: 90.0 - 95.0
Agriculture is primarily business in India, where 58% of the population depends upon agriculture. Precision farming is regarding doing the Right things in proper place, in the right manner, at the proper time. Managing crop production inputs like water, seed, chemical etc to increase yield, quality and profit, also focusing on reduction in waste of water and becomes eco-friendly. The intent of precision agriculture is to match agricultural inputs and practices as per crop and agro-climatic conditions to boost the yield of crop. Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a crucial and exciting technology with nice potential for application in varied fields together with drugs, transportation, agriculture, process management, global scale environmental watching and Precision agriculture. This work includes algorithm to compute the period of irrigation and take decisions according to the measured parameters. Hardware and software design are proposed this paper.
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PublisherActa Scientific Publications
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