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Design of Shoulder Mounted Collaborative Robot for Household Tasks
Shubham Kokate,
Published in IRJET
Volume: 7.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 4631.0 - 4635.0
Collaborative Robots have been employed in the industrial environment for the past decade such as factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. There are various unexplored environments for a collaborative robot. A common household environment being the least explored with the most potential. A number of tasks are to be performed in a household, for example cleaning the kitchen table, handling a common tool, cooking, etc. These tasks appear to be linear and simple but some of them often require a third hand or some homely knowledge. The demographic of humans between the age of 20-30 often refrain from doing these tasks, reason being the physical and mental stress one incurs from them. The Collaborative Robot acts as a companion by employing the chat function, allowing users to interact in multiple ways, designed as a cobot in such a way that it helps improve the overall performance measures of the tasks and assists the user to perform the task. The system uses a Raspberry Pi as the main control unit and is coded in python, it uses TensorFlow and Mach
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JournalInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)Engineering and Technology
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