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Detecting spam and phishing mails using SVM and obfuscation URL detection algorithm
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Phishing is a criminal scheme to steal the user's personal data and other credential information. It is a fraud that acquires victim's confidential information such as password, bank account detail, credit card number, financial username and password etc. and later it can be misuse by attacker. We aim to use fundamental visual features of a web page's appearance as the basis of detecting page similarities. We propose a novel solution, to efficiently detect phishing web pages. Note that page layouts and contents are fundamental feature of web pages' appearance. Since the standard way to specify page layouts is through the style sheet (CSS), we develop an algorithm to detect similarities in key elements related to CSS. In this paper, we proposed a system that uses SVM technique along with map-reduce paradigm to achieve a higher accuracy in detection of the spam email. By using the map-reduce technique we also try to overcome the two hurdles of the SVM. © 2017 IEEE.