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Detection of Vehicle Emission and accident using IOT
Ayasha Sayyed,
Published in IJCRT
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 5.0
There is increase in the number of automobiles ,hence the air pollution is also increasing. It is very important to resolve theproblem of air pollution resulting from automobile exhaust gases.In this paper a system is proposed which uses Radio frequencyidentification (RFID) technology as a low-cost and mature wireless communication method to collect and transmit emission information ofvehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) concept is used. .Hence with the help of notification via the SMS the owner will be notified and furthermeasures will be taken.By applying the system, it is possible to smoothly realize a green traffic network.As the usage of vehicles is increasing drastically, the hazards due to vehicles is also increased. The main cause for accidents is high speed,drunk and drive, diverting minds, over stress and sometimes due to electronic gadgets. This paper also deals with accident detection systemthat occurs due to carelessness of the person who is driving the vehicle.This introduces accident alerting system which alerts the person whois driving the vehicle. If the person is not in a position to control the vehicle then the accident might occur. Once the accident occurs, thissystem will send information and location to the person’s emergency contact number.
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