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Determination of Elastic Properties of Bovine Femur Bone Solid Mechanics Approach
Published in Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India)
Volume: 34.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 67.0 - 72.0
The article aims at presenting approach to evaluate the hard tissue material properties of Bovine bone. This study is important in case of designing orthopaedic procedures to be carried out on Bovine subjects. For eg.Braces or steel plate permanently fixes to the animal who have fracture to bone or crack bone. Braces or steel plates are fix to bone by screw. For checking stability of screw we need to know elastic properties of bone. This experimental study provides quantitative representation of orthotropic behaviour of Bovine femur bone. This study attempts at providing comprehensive values of mechanical properties of Bovidae femur, through series of mechanical tests like Elastic properties i.e., stress, strain, elastic modulus, poison's ratio and yielding point of bone. This is attempt to establish orthotropic nature of femur bone of goat and water buffalo using stiffness matrix approach The data of elastic constants, compliance and stiffness coefficients obtained can be used for finite element analysis to design the orthopaedic system for patient. The study represents the parameters like gender of specie, Bone Density, ductility of bone tissue.
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JournalTrends in Biomaterials and artificial organs.
PublisherSociety for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India)
Open AccessNo