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Development of Automated Pizza Making machine
Anuradha S. Nilgar, Harshada B. Nankar, Omkar R. Shinde, Harshal A. Hattarki,
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 5.0
Issue: Special Issue - AMET-2019
Pages: 89.0 - 93.0
Automation, the art of remote controlling machines has been a subject of research since the early 1900’s. But the studies based on automated machines have witnessed booming growth and appreciating the support from MNCs, due to the resources available and the advancement in today’s hardware system, enforcing a cutting-edge technology in industries. This research field has made the multi-cultural approach of mechanical and electronics & telecommunication possible. This paper involves the market study, concept design, simulation, costing, testing and validation, manufacturing and demonstration of a vending machine used to prepare pizza. Automated pizza vending machine is comprises a Microcontroller whose behavior is described using a hardware description language. With the help of microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry pi, it is now possible to write and understand and as well as execute the following commands in real physical world easily. This project has the potential to prove a future scope as it one-time investment and economical for the bulk production. It increases the production and manual work is nullified to a greater extent.
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