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, Sayali Ambekar
Published in
Volume: 12.0
Pages: 1.0 - 6.0
The rapid growth in the field of data analysis plays an important role in the healthcare research. Due to large amount of data growth in biomedical and healthcare field providing accurate analysis of medical data that has benefits from early detection, patient care, and community services. Previous system designed to analyze, manage and assimilate data produced by healthcare systems. Data analysis has been applied to help the disease-related information and treatment process. In this paper a decision tree is effectively used for predicting the outbreaks of diseases in society. The paper proposes to experiment with the modified predictive models with medical data which is related to the symptoms of the disease. For the disease prediction using unstructured data, we used a convolutional neural network which is based on multimodal disease risk prediction (CNN-MDRP) algorithm. Users can post their queries in order to seek information regarding diseases so that user get the proper answer to any kind of question and solving any problem related to the disease.
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JournalInternational journal of Computer Engineering and Aplication
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