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Disease risk prediction by using convolutional neural network
Sayali Ambekar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Data analysis plays a significant role in handling a large amount of data in the healthcare. The previous medical researches based on handling and assimilate a huge amount of hospital data instead of prediction. Due to an enormous amount of data growth in the biomedical and healthcare field the accurate analysis of medical data becomes propitious for earlier detection of disease and patient care. However, the accuracy decreases when the medical data is partially missing. To overcome the problem of missing medical data, we perform data cleaning and imputation to transform the incomplete data to complete data. We are working on heart disease prediction on the basis of the dataset with help of Naïve bayes and KNN algorithm. To extend this work, we propose the disease risk prediction using structured data. We use convolutional neural network based unimodel disease risk prediction algorithm. The prediction accuracy of CNN-UDRP algorithm reaches more than 65%. Moreover, this system answers the question related to disease which people face in their life. © 2018 IEEE.