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Distributed Misbehavior Detection System for Delay Tolerant Networks
, Jagdish Bakal, Urmila Shrawankar
Published in Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 9S3
Pages: 1288.0 - 1293.0
Opportunistic forwarding mechanism in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN), are prone to get disconnected from the nodes in the network. These types of networks deal with intermittent connectivity, large delays.Existing routing protocols of DTNs fights with these issues, but fail to integrate the security available for delay tolerant networks,it is necessary to design a secure routing protocol to overcome these issues. There are centralized Trust Authority (TA) based security systems but the disconnection or failure of TA, affects the security model and network performance. It becomes crucial to have the distributed approach for security system and have multiple TAs working on security model. This reduces the possibility of poor network performance. The paper presents a distributed misbehavior detection system, and implements multiple TAs for implementing the security model for DTN.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
PublisherBlue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication
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