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DPS - Printer: Dual Printer System
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 168 - 173
A Dual printing system is a mechanism used in normal printer to reutilize not only print medium but also print media. This mechanism involves three different procedures which works according to sensors used in it. A waste paper sheet full of texts or images or scratches, is given as an input to the printer to erase all the rough text and reutilize the waste page. These texts or images or scratches are done by using pen or pencil or printer text. Also we can abstract and reuse printed text ink obtained during the Heating procedure. In this whole system three procedures are involved. In the first process, pencil made rough work on the paper/waste paper erased by using erasable toner. In second procedure normal printer ink made or ball pen made texts and images erased using heating mechanism. Printed text ink melted during heating procedure is fused by applying cold air through head2. After that fused ink particles are abstracted and collected in the black ink container and same container can be reused for next printing in the printer. If texts or images are not erased during erasable toner and heating process then third technique (white ink spreading) is applied over the pixels of the character or pattern to get blank sheet. By applying all above techniques printing medium and print media are reutilized without affecting paper quality to save paper cost, printer ink, carbon emission and environment.
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Journal2018 International Conference On Advances in Communication and Computing Technology, ICACCT 2018
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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