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DTN Based Data Transportation System Using Bluetooth Technology: A Survey
Priya, , Bhusan Atote
Published in Journal of Applied Science And Computations (JASC)
Volume: 6.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 26.0 - 31.0
DTN is a network with the routing approach of the store and forward. It is characterized by (i) intermittent connectivity that is a constant path along the length is not available (ii) long delay in delivery of packets starting from source to destination and (iii) the nodes are sparse and mobile. Traditional method can’t perform in such an environment, steering in DTN is done using the store-carry-forward method, where the source or the middle node stores the packet until it meets up the node for forwarding. The main confront of this networks are power usage limitation, mobility patterns, choices of middle nodes, efficient handling of the limited network resources like buffer spaceetc.This paper provides the study of variousDTN routing algorithms and DTN routing techniques, their categories, and various routing algorithms. Use of routing techniques is one reason for the performance degradation of present DTN algorithms. So, to overcome with this problem, neighbour discovery needs to be done as determining valid neighbours is the main region of many network functions, for that we will be using Bluetooth techniques to transfer the data for the vehicle to vehicle interactions by keeping in mind that in future every car will be Bluetoothenabled.
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JournalJournal of Applied Science And Computations
PublisherJournal of Applied Science And Computations (JASC)
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