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Dynamic Performance of Tall Mass-Timber Buildings
Volume: 11.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 242.0 - 253.0
The construction materials used in thebuilding tall structures are responsible forextremely high carbon emissions. Therefore, toaddress this issue building designers are constantlylooking at alternative sustainable constructionmaterials. A new type of timber called MassTimberas a material for construction is nowattracting the building designers because of itssustainability advantages. Mass-timber is aninnovative type of engineered timber withimproved structural properties making it suitablefor the construction of tall and heavy structures.This paper is intended to study the performance oftall mass-timber buildings under the most severedynamic loading conditions of India. Three modelsof mass-timber buildings are analyzed in ETABSunder the seismic and wind loads according to thedemands of most severe earthquake zone-V andone of the windiest regions at Bhuj, India. It isobserved that the mass participation duringseismic activities is considerably low and the windloads are considerably higher than the seismicloads. It is concluded that with a suitable lateralload resisting structural system mass-timberbuildings can perform adequately.
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JournalJournal of Engineering Sciences
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