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Economic Assessment of Magnetic Fluid Conditioning and Chemical Treatment for Wax Deposition Control in Crude Oil
Published in IJMTE
Volume: 9.0
Issue: 1.0
Pages: 1193.0 - 1202.0
Transportation of crude oil forms an integral part of crude oil production process. Theviscous nature of crude oil in low temperature environment poses challenges in itstransportation. This is owing to the wax deposition in crude oil. Number of methods likemechanical, electrical and chemical are used for wax deposition control. The choice ofany control method is dictated by its efficiency and cost. Chemical methods are widelyused but are costly. Another method magnetic fluid conditioning which is considered to beenvironment friendly is also gaining popularity. Substantial research has been done onthis method but the economics has been rarely reported. The present paper attempts tocompare the magnetic fluid conditioning method and chemical method based on theeconomic aspects. Experimentation has been performed on three crude oils with varyingwax content. The efficiency of viscosity reduction due to magnetic method and chemicalmethods such as pour point depressants and diluents has been found. Using ahypothetical crude oil pipeline, the operating cost for each method has been evaluated.Also challenges of implementation of these methods have been discussed. It has beenfound that the magnetic method is more economical as compared to the chemical method
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JournalInternational Journal of Management, Technology and Engineering
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