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Effect of Different types of Baffles on Heat Transfer & Pressure Drop of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger: A review
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: 1.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 358.0 - 362.0
Diverse sorts of heat exchangers are broadly utilized as a part of many design applications, for example, petroleum refining, refrigeration, cooling, nourishment industry, and so forth. Among various sorts of heat exchangers, manufacturing of shell and-tube heat exchanger is easy and multi-reason application conceivable outcomes for vaporous and fluid media in an extensive temperature and pressure territory. This paper manages a survey of exploratory research work that plans to look at the impacts of various baffles sorts on pressure loss and heat transfer in heat exchanger. Baffle is one of the basic part considered in design of STHE. Confuses, having an essential piece of STHE, offer help to keep of support tubes in bundle and as shell side it also helps to maintain the speed of stream. Different sorts of baffles are utilized as a part of STHEs. For example segmental, flower, ring, trefoil hole, plate and doughnut sort and helical. Be that as it may, conventional HX with segmental baffle indicate low heat exchange proficiency and extensive pressure loss. From the present review it can be inferred that helical baffles fill in as an all the more encouraging innovation due to having less loss of pressure in shell, better heat exchange execution, less fouling and less liquid incited vibration.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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