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Effect of Different Types of Fibers on the Flexural Strength of Ferrocement Panels
Published in Ess & Ess Research Publications
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 9.0
Pages: 16991.0 - 16996.0
The present study describes the results of testing flat ferrocement panels reinforced with different numbers of woven mesh layers and three different types of steel fiber, for the mix that replaces river sand with crush sand. The main objective of this work is to study the effect of using woven wire mesh as reinforcement along with different types of steel fibers on the ultimate flexural strength of ferrocast panels. The number of layers used were minimum of 2. Panels were casted with mortar mix ratio (1:1.5) and water cement ratio (0.4) including super plasticizer ( Perma Ps-34 ) with dosage of 1.5% by weight of cement. Panels were tested under two point loading system under UTM machine after curing period of 28 days. Test results shows that panels combined with hooked end fibres exhibits greater flexural strength and less deflection as that compared with panels having less mesh layers and other steel fibers. The energy absorption of these panels were also studied through impact test. The results showed that the addition of fibers increased the first crack load and ultimate failure load for all types of fibres.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
PublisherEss & Ess Research Publications
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