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Effect of piston bowl shape, swirl ratio and spray angle on combustion and emission in off road diesel engine
Muzaffar Quazi Ali, Shakti Singh Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 1487191
In meeting the stringent emission norms with internal engine measures, the design of the piston bowl and the nozzle configuration perform a defining role. This paper elaborates the experimental work conducted for combustion optimization with combinations of piston bowl, intake port swirl and injector specifications in 2.34 l off road diesel engine. Through simulations the best option had been carried out parametrically, investigate the influence of piston bowl geometry and nozzle characteristics on the performance of the combustion system. Then experimental tests were carried out, the influence of the nozzle cone angle, hydraulic flow rate, number of holes and their combination were determined using systematic parameter variations with selected piston bowl designs. The performance of the various hardware configurations were evaluated based on the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption values. The combustion system under consideration is the off road direct injection diesel engine with inline fuel pump is used to exploit the full potential of the combustion system. An understanding of the phenomenological behavior of the spray-bowl interaction based on this parametric analysis would lay the groundwork for further optimization of the combustion system The tests were carried out to understand best combination of air and fuel system along with major design related variables to achieve best combustion for emission, performance and BSFC.
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