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Effect of Rib Beams on Stability of R.C.C. Dome Structure
, Muzzammil Shaikh
Published in Xi'an Dianzi Ke Ji Daxue
Volume: 14.0
Issue: 7.0
Dome systems are space structures which cover big area with minimum surface. It is a doubly curved shell structure. Dome is stronger, stable and sturdy than another singly curved shell structures which could be relevant to many civil engineering structures like auditorium exhibition hall, industrial structures pinnacle protecting of round water tank etc. Modern concrete shell domes can be constructed to the ratio (thickness -to-radius) of 1: 800 constructed with concrete and wire mesh, and they are safe and beautiful. The main aim of this study is to analyze the behavior and strength of modern-day thin spherical shell domes made of concrete with and without ribs, the use of finite element technique thru SAP2000 software. The work consists of erection of round domes with massive diameter (50, 100, and 150) m with and without ribs with unique thickness 15cm. All models had been analyzed by using finite element technique, and design application SAP2000 changed into used to remember the influence of the big diameter and thickness of shell dome on stress distribution.
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Journalinternational, scopus,ugc
PublisherXi'an Dianzi Ke Ji Daxue
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