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Efficient Speckle Reduction Techniques in Ultrasound Video Quality Enhancement-A Comparative Evaluation
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 772 - 778
Amongst many imaging modalities available now a days, Ultrasound is the most widely used because of the reasons like radiation free, real time, non-invasive and non-ionizing. During patient's care, medical images, videos other physiological signals, become an integral part of diagnostic and treatment phases. Ultrasound is more advantageous and cheaper than other modalities like MRI, CT, PET. Speckle noise present in US hampers the quality of images which in turn considerably increases the difficulty in medical visual inspection. The diagnostic accuracy will be more if image is less noisy, this necessitates the use of efficient despeckling filter which will take care of edge detection, loss of information and improve visual evaluation. MSE assess the image quality, if the value is high then image quality is poor. PSNR is another quality metrics, high value indicates the better denoising algorithm. In the present work seven different filters are listed and experimental work is carried out on LEE and Hybrid Median filter (HMF). The experimental result of PSNR and MSE values are considered for evaluation purpose. © 2017 IEEE.