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Emerging trends of location privacy techniques in location aided applications
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1002 - 1006
While mobile services are maturing in the Mobile Computing world, location services have started mushrooming in every day work which are making good impact for humans as well as all moving resources. With this development, serious threat of location privacy has emerged and becoming inevitable part of this kind of services. Present systems do not have concrete answer of location privacy because of absence of robust technology, poor governance and business interest. Modern ways need to be practiced, including Cryptography, Collaborative, Distributed and Internationally legal governance protocols. There are dozens of cloaking methods such as dummy users, K-Anonymity, false location queries, dummy queries, cryptography protocols, etc., however no commercial LBS systems guarantees the location privacy. In this paper, we have studied drawbacks of existing techniques. We have proposed either modification or novel methods to protect location privacy. Moreover we have suggested to analyse privacy strength, energy consumption, and accuracy of services, overhead cost such as computing and communication cost. © 2014 IEEE.