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Energy Efficient Car Air Conditioning System
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: NA
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 284.0 - 287.0
This paper speaks about the existing car air conditioning challenges and probable solution for them. Problem statement is to design an air conditioning system for car in static and dynamic conditions using waste energy. Existing cooling systems provide air conditioning in the car while it’s in the motion. There is a large amount of Heat energy entrapment when the car is in the static position. Existing cooling systems are motivated by the engine. This causes the reduced efficiency and less power available for driving the vehicle. So we have to consider some other sustainable energy source for air conditioning. There is considerable energy in vibrations at wheels. These vibrations are observed due to uneven roads and obstacles. These vibrations are treated with shock absorbing systems to make cars more comfortable. Existing car cooling systems need energy to circulate the fluid in the tube and for the forced convection at heat exchangers. There is a lot research has been done in the Energy extraction from Vibrations, but all of them are in the direction of converting the vibrations into the Electric energy.We can extract vibration energy to pressurize the A.C. refrigerant directly. This direct method will reduce the stages required and resulting in the increased overall efficiency of the system. This energy tapping method will lead to the dampening effect in the shock absorbing system. This will make the car more comfortable and vibration free.
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