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Energy efficient street light controller for smart cities
N. Khatavkar, , B. Kadam
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2017-January
Pages: 1 - 6
Smart City-based electronic product applications are gaining importance nowadays. It contains efficient urban mobility, efficient public transportation, e-governance, safety and security, smart lighting system, etc. The main focus of this work is to present a design of street light controller to provide a reduction in power consumption and wireless control which eventually will provide a reduction in the required budget of electricity for street lights. Reducing power consumption leads to a reduction in brightness of lamps. This kind of street lighting states to open street lighting that adapts to movement by cars, walkers or cyclists. The system will work as adaptive street lighting. Lights will be obscured when no action is detected and will light up when some movement is detected. For this situation, the lighting framework is not quite the same as old-fashioned, static enlightenment, or dimmable road lighting that diminishes at pre-decided circumstances. Excessive lighting can be banned by targeted dimming of zones of the city, roads or individual luminaires. According to traffic and crowd, the light intensity will be controlled. This paper also incorporates light sensors which will be useful in a rainy environment. Number of street lights will be controlled by the user at a remote place. The complete system will work on RTC where lights will be running at 100% intensity in peak traffic time and with reduced intensity after peak traffic time. © 2017 IEEE.