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Published in International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications (IJCEA)
Volume: 12.0
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 43836.0 - 6
In recent years the use of electronic learning in teaching institutions has increased extensively. In spite of this, no dedicated system specially developed to enhance the E-Learning experience currently exists. This paper is presented with the concept of building a bot which will be capable of providing a solution to all E-Learning needs of any user. The easiest way of controlling any device is through human voice and hence the bot will use speech recognition to perform actions as per the user. Existing speech recognition systems are expensive and available with usage of internet (online). The paper discusses an offline approach towards speech recognition. The bot will also be capable of performing sentiment analysis on speech so as to get users feedback of the bot and the learning experience. All of the above is planned to be implemented on a low cost Raspberry Pi. Thus a goal of building an E-Learning Bot has been designed at low cost using offline speech recognition.
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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications (IJCEA)
PublisherInternational Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications (IJCEA)
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