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Enhanced Twitter bot detection using ensemble machine learning
H. Shukla, N. Jagtap,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 930 - 936
Social media has been an unavoidable part of our life over the years. As it is getting popular, the number of social media bots are also increasing. Social media bots are the artificial agents who imitate as a human on social media. They are intended to like, retweet the posts which eventually can tamper with the genuineness of the trend. They can also be a menace to democracy as they can falsely influence people. Social media bots can be used for cyberbullying, terrorist activities, gaining fame, spreading wrong information, restricting freedom of speech, spamming. To detect social media bots on Twitter, we utilized metadata of Twitter profiles and applied a unique feature selection method, and also explored the power of ensemble learning to make a robust classifier. © 2021 IEEE.