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Evaluation of intrusive vehicle detection and classification technique for traffic management
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 6
This paper presents vehicle detection system based on one of the successful intrusive method and also offerings an innovative scheme of an embedded multi-lane traffic control. The proposed system has an ability to detect and classify the vehicle continuously and consciously under the embedded adaptive algorithm, the result is automated traffic control. Inductive loop involves smaller loop within big outer loop is used as a sensor for vehicle detection. The proposed system configuration not only detect the vehicle and segregates them as bicycle or motorbike or bus or car but also gives the precise counting of numbers of vehicles that too in mixed traffic flow condition. The prototype of vehicle detection and classification system has been established using virtual instrumentation structure and tested. The unique signatures for the different vehicles are analyzed for classification of the particular vehicles. Inductive loop distinguishes the large vehicle (e.g. bus) as well as small vehicles (e.g. bicycle) and the total density in lane is carried out which will help for traffic control. Inductive loop has been used as a detector since it has tremendous feature of insensitive to any climatic conditions also easy to maintain and it has got long detection range. © 2014 IEEE.