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Evaluation of seismic response modification factor for asymmetric structures
Published in Scienceline Publication
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 3219.0 - 3222.0
The research revealed that three major factors, such as reserved strength, ductility andstructural redundancy affect the actual value of response modification factor (R). Those must be takeninto consideration while determining appropriate ‘R’ for symmetric and asymmetric structures. Theevaluation of ‘R’ is done by static-nonlinear analysis using ETABS. Also, ETABS is used to get thesequence and mechanism of plastic hinge formation. The procedure is validated by comparing resultswith Indian standard codal provisions for symmetrical structures and then those are evaluated forirregular structures. The ‘R’ calculated for symmetrical structure confirms evaluation procedure. CurrentIndian seismic design code never mentions about redundancy in structures. While irregularities instructural layout are punished, providing redundancy must be encouraged by the code. The values of ‘R’for irregular structure varies. Hence a single value of R for all buildings of a given framing type,irrespective of plan and vertical geometry, cannot be justified.
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JournalJournal of Civil Engineering Urbanism,
PublisherScienceline Publication
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