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Evolving learners' behaviour in data mining
, Parag Kulkarni
Published in Springer
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 4.0
Pages: 243.0 - 259.0
An evaluation and choice of learning algorithms is a current research area in data mining, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, etc. Supervised learning is one of the tasks most frequently used in data mining. There are several learning algorithms available in machine learning field and new algorithms are being added in machine learning literature. There is a need for selecting the best suitable learning algorithm for a given data. With the information explosion of different learning algorithms and the changing data scenarios, there is a need of smart learning system. The paper shows one approach where past experiences learned are used to suggest the best suitable learner using 3 meta-features namely simple, statistical and information theoretic features. The system tests 38 UCI benchmark datasets from various domains using nine classifiers from various categories. It is observed that for 29 datasets, i.e., 76 % of datasets, both the predicted and actual accuracies directly match. The proposed approach is found to be correct for algorithm selection of these datasets. New proposed equation of finding classifier accuracy based on meta-features is determined and validated. The study compares various supervised learning algorithms by performing tenfold cross-validation paired t test. The work helps in a critical step in data mining for selecting the suitable data mining algorithm.
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