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Experimental Investigation of Properties of Concrete Cast in Magnetized Water
Published in I.J.S.T.E , INDIA
Magnetic water has been used in different fields like agriculture, health care, dairy production, and oil industries. Recent researchexhibits that Magnetised Water can be used in concrete to improve the properties of concrete like Compressive strength,workability, tensile strength etc. In the present study effect of Magnetised Water on Strain of Concrete of different grades isstudied experimentally. Compressive strength tests carried out on Cubes & Cylinders cast with Normal Water & MagnetisedWater Based on the experimental results conclusion is drawn. Conducting tests on Concrete specimens cast in M20, M25 & M30grades of concrete Strength tests conducted on this magnetic water concrete (MWC) showed encouraging results and one caneasily replace normal water with magnetic water for mixing of concrete.
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JournalInternational Journal of Science Technology & Engineering
PublisherI.J.S.T.E , INDIA
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