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Experimental Investigation of Solar Adsorption Refrigeration System using Activated Charcoal-Methanol Working Pair
, A. R. Nadgire, R. J. Yadav, P. M. Patane, Mandar M. Lele
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: NA
Issue: Special Issue-7
Pages: 393.0 - 397.0
The extensive effort has made to develop the intermittent solid adsorption system that promises good alternative for solar refrigeration. Most research methods have used activated carbon-methanol for working pairs, and this has been considered as the most suitable working pair for solar solid adsorption Refrigeration. Going through the existing literature, it is revealed that there are no investigations on the simultaneous use of water cooled condenser, bypass way for adsorption process. Many researchers studied on TIM (transparent insulation material) for increasing the efficiency of solar collector. But, in this study, it is analyzed the solar powered refrigerator using polycarbonate glass, water cooled condenser with natural conduction, bypass way for adsorption to enhance the performance of solar adsorption system. Using this cyclical process it is possible to obtained cooling temperature of 11˚C. For increasing the effectiveness of solar heating, polycarbonate glass is used to achieve generator temperature up to 114˚C. In this system two valves with provision for bypass is made for easy operation and maintaining the flow of methanol during day and night. The solar powered activated charcoal-methanol paired system gives the cooling temperature up to 11˚Cfor 6kg water and achieve system COP=0.02.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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