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Experimental investigation, optimization and modeling of carbon fibre graphite/epoxy laminates with the help of abrasive water jet machine
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 10.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 633.0 - 642
AWJM is broadly utilized in different modern applications, for example, slicing hard-to-cut materials, boring and pocket processing in composite parts, cutting different materials in textile and leather enterprises and so on. This innovation is valuable for mechanical applications since it has focal points, for example, less touchy to material properties, no babble, no warm impacts, negligible weights on the work piece and high machining versatility and adaptability, additionally, AWJM produces surfaces of worthy completion and high integrity. Cutting and machining rate of AWJM is higher than ordinary machining forms [1]. In AWJM process, (Figure 1) the undesirable material of workpiece is evacuated by the consolidated activity of rapid water and abrasive particles. The rapid flow of water moves the motor vitality to the abrasive particles and the blend (water and abrasives) encroaches on the workpiece material. The exhibition of AWJM procedure is subject to the disintegration of material by the pressurized water-abrasive blend and mechanical properties of workpiece material alongside different procedure parameters [2]
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