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Experimental investigation to enhance compressive strength of concrete blended with plastic waste using magnetized water
Published in Fast Track Publications
It is expected that in upcoming days, thecommunity of civil engineering have to produce structureswith the concept of sustainable development by using highperformancematerials and new concept with lowenvironmental impact which are produced at a reasonablecost. But With development of population pollution level andimpact of pollution on human life and human health are alsoincreasing. Plastic is one of the main components of pollutionas reason is multiple Use of plastic like packaging of verities ofproduct multi-fold in, due to low price and convenience inhandling, but however, community of people is not awareabout its impact on the human health and environment onlittering or dumping. So that it is one of the most importantchallenge and need of human is to improve the performance ofconcrete and dispose waste intelligently. For that solution tobe find out with use of technology to overcome these problemsAs the Magnetic water concrete, synthesized from the normalmaterials used for manufacturing of concrete which provides10% to 20% extra strength to concrete, provides one routetowards this objective. Good thing is normal water can easilyreplace with magnetic water and dispose waste plastic bywhich quantity of cement and sand used in any concrete mixreduces and we can made as new Eco-friendly material ofconstruction for future
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JournalInternational Research journal of Engineering and technology
PublisherFast Track Publications
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