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S. P. Gosavi, , K. M. Narkar
Published in
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 328.0 - 331.0
Dental implants are used as prosthetic treatment alternatives made of Titanium for treating partial edentulism in patients. The oessointegration of bone and implant at the interface is of utmost importance as the success or failure of a dental implant depends on the manner in which stresses are transferred to the surrounding bone. The osseointegrated dental implant plays a role similar to that of natural teeth as it is exposed to static and dynamic loadings continuously. However, the functional forces in Osseointegrated dental implant are transmitted directly to the jaw bone as compared to the natural teeth where there is a healthy periodontium. This could cause micro-fracture at the bone-implant interface, fracture of implant, loosening of components of implant system and unwanted bone resorption. Therefore, it is essential to understand stress concentration on implants at the bone implant interface. This study aims in investigating and monitoring the stresses along the bone implant interface for different types of dental implant .Photo elastic stress analysis was carried on four commercial implants with varying diameter and same length, and the verification of the experimental results was done using finite element analysis.
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JournalInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology
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