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Explore the Effect of Om Mantra Meditation on Brain with Wavelet Analysis
, Bhavna Harne
Published in WSEAS. Unifying the Science and Engineering
Volume: 15.0
Issue: 0.0
Pages: 30.0 - 38.0
This study uses a discrete wavelet transform based feature extraction method to examine the effectof Om meditation on the brain. With twenty-three healthy engineering college students between the age groupof twenty to twenty-two chosen as subjects for the study, EEG signals were obtained before performing Ommeditation as well as after performing Om meditation. EEG signals were classified into Gamma, Beta, Alpha,Theta and Delta bands by using detailed coefficients and approximate coefficient obtained by five level wavelettransform. Feature such as relative power using the Welch method was extracted from each band and wasanalyzed using two way repeated analysis of variance. Findings reveal increased theta power and higher thetaamplitude in after condition at all regions in comparison to the before the condition of meditation but resultswere not significant. No significant results were found in any other band. As described in other studies,increased theta power is a sign of relaxation. Results revealed through the study were promising results forsingle day testing and immediate effect of Om meditation. The study emphasizes the importance of Ommeditation which could work wonders for people under stress if adopted as a daily routine. As Om meditationis simple and easy to practice, it could open a new horizon for naïve meditators.
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JournalWSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing
PublisherWSEAS. Unifying the Science and Engineering
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