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Ferrocement Composite Beams Under Flexure
, M. S. Kulkarni, Abhay R. Jaiswal
Published in Fast Track Publications
Volume: 4.0
Issue: 10.0
Pages: 117.0 - 124.0
Ferrocement is a thin, versatile construction material, with several unique properties and suitable for wide range of applications in Civil Engineering. Generally concrete structures are designed for static loads but sometimes dynamic loads like blasts etc. Prefabricated elements are used in construction industry as an alternative system to overcome the formwork problems in addition to getting better quality control. The prefabricated elements made of reinforced concrete are extremely heavy and difficult to transport, placing in position and to construct. Because of its good structural performance and low cost ferrocement is used in construction industry. Ferrocement is suitable for the construction of roofing/floor elements, precast units, manhole covers, and construction of domes, vaults, grid surface and folded plates. So finding the flexural behavior of ferrocement is necessary. Therefore, the flexural strength is determined by varying the meshes in the U-section and varying the thickness of the beam. An experimental and finite element analysis on flexural behavior of ferrocement U-shape channel section reinforced with wire mesh with varying number of wire mesh layers is presented. Finite element analysis of U-shape ferrocement channel were carried out. The finite element analysis (FEA) has been also used to model the ferrocement Ushape channel for various span and thickness. Ferrocement Ushape channel with varies thickness and number of mesh layers analyzed in Ansys. The obtained results indicated the acceptable accuracy of FE simulations in the estimation of experimental values. Such models can thus be used as quick, simple, and inexpensive methods to calculate the optimal deflection of ferrocement channels for various spans and sizes of tensile reinforcement.
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JournalInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology
PublisherFast Track Publications
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