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Finite element analysis and mathematical calculation of spring back in rotary draw tube bending
Sandeep Gangaram Thorat, Jatin Rajpal,
Published in IJITR
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 2086.0 - 2100.0
Tube bending is a widely used manufacturing process in the aerospace, automotive, and various other industries. Cold bending of metal tubes is very important production method considering that metal tubes are widely used in a great variety of engineering products, such as automobile, aircraft, air conditioner, air compressor, exhaust systems, fluid lines. During tube bending, considerable in-plane distortion and thickness variation occurs. This paper deals with the study of Rotary Draw Tube Bending process and the Finite Element Analysis and Simulation of Rotary Draw Tube Bending of a seamless metal tube for the analysis of spring back effect. Mathematical and Experimental analysis of spring back are carried out and results are compared. By applying the theory on pure beam bending deformation, the mathematical model of spring back for pipe bending deformation is established. The Simpson's rule is applied for solving the radius in spring back. The paper also covers the modeling of rotary tube bending machine in ABAQUS, its simulation and analysis for different bending angles.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovation Technology Research
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