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Finite Element Analysis Approach for Enhancement of Fatigue Life of Suspension Coil Spring 

, Chandrakant U. Chavan
Published in
Issue: 2
Pages: 2282 - 2287

This paper deals with the Finite Element Analysis approach for Enhancement of fatigue life of passenger car Suspension Coil Spring. Suspension system is very essential part of the automobile vehicle. Stability and Comfort is totally depended on the Suspension system. Coil spring being a part of suspension system subjected to numerous influences in service life. The suspension system for a small sized car, especially for the front wheels, uses Macpherson struts. This system uses helical springs to offer resilient suspension system absorbing shocks during motion of the vehicle. The process of absorbing the shocks is brought about by storing and releasing the shock energy on a gradual time scale. The effort for this work is to determine the fatigue life of the existing coil spring on the car and identify areas of improvement over the fatigue life. Finite Element Analysis approach deployed for the structural analysis using Preprocessor while the fatigue life predicted using solver. For this work, experimentation performed on the existing suspension coil spring for validating the performance parameter identified as `Stiffness' of the spring. The load vs. displacement recorded using load cells with data logger to display results. The results of Experimental work compared for results with the numerical methodology and vice-versa. The concurrence of the result offered validation for this thesis work. Variants of Suspension coil spring will be proposed for study and analysis of improved fatigue life by changing the design configuration and alternative material having better mechanical properties. Recommendation will be made at the conclusion stage of the dissertation work in terms of enhanced fatigue life of Suspension Coil Spring with optimized design.

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JournalInternational Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)
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