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Finite element analysis of mechanical behavior of SMP hip joint implanted in femur bone
, S.R. Sathe, K.C. Sharma, K.H. Sancheti
Published in
Volume: 23
Issue: 1
Pages: 10 - 15
Uncemented THR can present component fixation problem.The loosening of the prosthesis is one of the main complications leading to revision of THR surgery. Bending in prosthesis stem is a notable feature.The geometric shape of prosthesis has a major role on the stress transfer in supporting structures. The objective of the present study is to analyse the mechanical satibility of steel SMP prosthesis and compare it with its equivalent implant using finite element method.The effect of joint force due to body weight and motion on the interface of prosthesis and bone are evaluated using F.E.M. Finite element model of healthy cadeveric femur bone implanted with SMP hip joint has been developed.SMP is Sancheti Modular Prosthesis which is the hip joint prosthesis developed as indegenised product. 3D finite element model is validated with experimental measurements. The mechanical properties and elastic constants of cortical femur bone are evaluated from cadveric femur donors of Indian origin. Displacement and sinking of shaft is observed experimentally. The stresses and displacements of interface boundary of prosthesis and bone are analysed to observe their effect on stresses and displacements at the interfaces and within the cortical bone. The stress level in bone at inters face of prosthesis and bone are compared for SMP and imported prosthesis. This analysis provided an insight/comparison of the mechanical effect of an implanted SMP which was developed as indeginised product over available imported prosthesis of its kind. Results emphasized the role of newly developed SMP,which will be manufactured in India. It is expected to be available at lesser price than imported prosthesis. Larger number of patients in India is expected to be benefited due to development of this hip joint. Reduced surgery cost will facilitate many patients to go in for THR which is otherwise unaffordable. © Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India), 20081121-27.
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