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Finite Element Analysis of Tube Rigger of a Single Scull Rowing Boat
Published in Innovative Research(IR) Publications
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 9.0
Pages: 1668.0 - 1673.0
For a single scull rowing boat, rigger is the maincomponent. The forces applied on oar by the oarsman istransmitted on the boat shell via rigger. Thus rigger should beenough sturdy and long lasting component of the rowing boat.Currently tube riggers which are attached to the boats aremanufactured locally. The stress analysis of these riggers was notfound in the literature. This paper is about the FEM stressanalysis of the traditional tube rigger used for rowing boats. Alsoit discusses the issues raised by oarsman who are the users ofthese tube rigger. Starting from the real measurement, CADmodel of traditional tube rigger is done. From the literature,amount of force acting on the rigger by the oarsperson isobtained. Finite Element Analysis of this rigger is performed inANSYS R16.0. The FEM analysis gives us values of stressesinduced in the rigger. These values are compared for permissiblelimits of material of rigger. Thus induced stresses are within safelimits. This will help in further improvement in design and mayalso be helpful for the local manufacturers to have scientificallydesigned and tested rigger. The FEM analysis verified that thestress induced in tube rigger is within the permissible limits.Thus tube rigger is safe as per its current dimensions and theselected materials.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research
PublisherInnovative Research(IR) Publications
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