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Fitness mantra: Theme for health analysis in rehabilitation process
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2018-January
Pages: 124 - 129
With the widespread technological development in the field of Wireless sensor network (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT), provides various domain to take upon the challenges for new development of various applications. These technologies are utilized by layman without having awareness of, how they can use it for better results? FitnessMantra is the theme put forward in this paper, suggesting the collaborative architecture of Fitness Band, its inbound software, data analytics and Internet of Things. FitnessMantra is the solution set forth considering today's requirement of health monitoring. Paper looks after the issues of monitoring the walking activity (Gait Cycle Pattern) of patients under the process of rehabilitation after major/ critical leg surgeries. Architecture proposes collaborative working of Fitness band, data aggregation through related application, analysis of collected data and communication gateway for future updates. Typically used sensors for monitoring the walk is Accelerometer or pedometer. Further communication and analysis of data varies person by person. © 2017 IEEE.