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Gas Well Deliquification Using Microwave Heating
Ghodke Nikhil, Patwardhan SD, Al-Dogail Fuad,
Published in
Pages: 255 - 266
One of the challenging problems of gas production is the liquid loading of a gas well. It is the inability of the produced gas to remove the produced liquids from the well bore. This phenomenon has a significantly negative impact on gas well production rate and reservoir pressure due to build up of liquids in the well bore. The accumulated liquid may be in the form of formation water, condensed water or hydrocarbons condensate which acts as a hindrance to the formation gas getting produced. The ultimate recovery of gas is dependent on the economic removal of accumulated liquids, to allow the gas to get produced. This paper discusses a new idea of using dielectric heating using microwaves to heat and vaporize the water and hydrocarbons in the wellbore, if present. As a result of this heating, the fluid density decreases and the gas and vapours flow naturally to the surface. The frequency of microwaves in general is 2450 MHz; depending on the need, the frequency can be varied. Experiments were carried out on the use of this technology and the results are encouraging. This paper discusses this new technique, results obtained from conducted experiments, and provides advantages to the current methods. Copyright 2011, Society of Petroleum Engineers.
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JournalSPE Production and Operations Symposium
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