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Hand Sign Recognition Based Communication System for Speech Disable People
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 348 - 352
According to the census of India 2011. In India, 70 million people have some kind of disability, among of that 18% of people are speech and hear impaired. That means India is the country which has a large number of people having this kind of disability. These people experience the problem to participate in society and the enjoyment of equal rights and opportunities. Because they don't have the power to express feelings in the form of words and sentence. So the people try to deal with this problem using different techniques. In this paper, a smart hand sign interpretation system using a smart glove is proposed to reduce the communication gap between speech impaired people and the normal people. This wearable system utilizes five flex-sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, one Bluetooth module and 16∗2 LCD display. In this system, processor collects data from the 5 flex sensors and accelerometer. Further processor matches the data which is received from the sensors and the previously saved data. If data matched with the saved data then assigned meaning for that data will be displayed on LCD screen and also send it to the Android mobile through Bluetooth. Android mobile app can convert this into voice. So this system has an ability to convert sign language into a voice in a very simple way. © 2018 IEEE.