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High performance analytics of bigdata with dynamic and optimized hadoop cluster
Y. Pradhananga, , C. Karande
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 715 - 720
With enterprises collecting feedback down to every possible detail, data repositories are being over flooded with information. In-order to access valuable information, these data should be processed using sophisticated statistical analysis. Traditional analytical tools, existing statistical software and data management systems find it challenging to perform deep analysis upon large data libraries. Users demand a service platform that can store and handle large quantities of data with some features such as easy accessibility, fast performance, durable and secure. These features can be availed without having to spend too much on hardware, upgrading, configuring etc to perform analysis of big data. This project intends to overcome all these obstacles and built a user friendly SAAS platform. It is cloud based web application which stores data in Amazon S3. As this system supports dynamic and optimized cluster nodes size as per the desired time, user doesn't need to calculate and estimate the number of nodes. The system uses Amazon EMR and MapReduce paradigm using opensource R scripting language to perform analysis of bigdata analysis in desire time. © 2016 IEEE.