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Ice extraction from wind turbine using flow of hot air through blade
D.S. Chavan, S.K. Mishra, R. Yadav, , J. Sankpal, Himanshu, Siddhharth
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2707 - 2711
In this paper high the ice accumulated on the wind turbine blade is removed by passing hot air through the blade. The hollow tubes are embedded in the wind turbine blades. The hollow tubes may be circular on cross section or of any suitable shape. The air is heated by an electrical heating or by gas geyser. First the air is compressed with help of a compressor. Then that air is passed through the electric heater or gas heater. The hot air is then passed through the wind turbine blade. When the hot air is passéd through the wind turbine blade, the ice melts and falls down. Hot air is passed through the wind turbine blade after frequent intervals of time when the environmental conditions are favorable for icing. The process of deicing is fast. © 2017 IEEE.