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Ice melting from wind turbine blades using resistive heating
D.S. Chavan, B.S. Gadhwal, J. Sankpal, Siddhharth, V. Sahil, , M.K. Dalal, Priyanka
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 865 - 869
The paper is related to removal of the ice accumulated on the wind turbine blade the nichrome coil is embedded in the wind turbine when the wind turbine blade is being manufactured. In the invention a super capacitor is used to give energy to the nichrome coil embedded in the wind turbine blade. The pulses are given after every one minute to the nichrome coil in the season of snowfall. Due to this the turbine blade is heated due to resistance heating. The temperature of the turbine blade is increased. The ice is melted. Even if the lower layer of the ice is melted the remaining ice is slipped below due to gravitational force. For this one revolution of the turbine is made. Precaution us taken that no humans or animals are standing below and in close vicinity of the wind turbine when the turbine is I deicing is being done. © 2017 IEEE.