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Identification of topic-specific Opinion Leader using SPEAR algorithm in Online Knowledge communities
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 144 - 149
Currently Internet usage has increased a lot due to bandwidth availaility and technology advancements. Internet is widely used for knowledge sharing, online review of products etc. Many open forums, blogs are used for this purpose. Since many users are contributing their opinions towards any query submitted by information seeker, there is a possibility of confusion. Often opinions contradict with each other creating confusion in information seeker's mind. In these cases role of Opinion Leader(s) is very prominent. Opinion Leader is a person who has knowledge in the particular field, who's opinion makes difference and who can influence other's opinions. Identification of a person who has great experiences and/or knowledge, in a particular domain, is very helpful and useful in decision making, product marketing etc. This paper presents an approach for identification of Opinion Leader(s) using modified SPEAR (Spamming Resistant Expertise Analysis and Ranking) algorithm. The expertise of user is found out on different topics. Modified SPEAR algorithm effectively identifies Opinion Leader(s) by making use of additional influence measures in the form of credit score functions. It also analyses these measures and studies their effects while ranking the Opinion Leader(s) effectively. © 2016 IEEE.