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Illicit/Pornographic Content Detection & Security
Smita Bhoir, Chaitali Mote, Ashwini Chandak,
Published in
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 2277 - 5420
-With the dawn of cultural and traditional revolution and the age of information technology, there came a serious threat of illicit/pornographic content, which disturbs the cultural harmony of our society. So with the growing network of these content there arouse a need of application which detects such content and take a legitimate action on the same. So taking this into the consideration, the primary goal of the present study is to develop technology for detecting the illicit/pornographic content and to take legitimate action on such things. The application domain of our project is image processing and this software is going to process the images for illicit/pornographic content by using skin-tone based technology. It is going to detect how much percentage of skin is revealed in an image and depending on this is going to decide that whether that image is acceptable or not. Since the platform used is java, our application will be platform independent. The images detected by our application are going to be encrypted so that if anybody claims for his/her images as personal, the admin can even decrypt the same which makes our application as user friendly and extra secured.Thus with added features and benefits this software stands ahead of any other software is currently in market.
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